• ETB90


    Cream De Menthol , White Cream De Cacao & Cream

  • ETB135

    Baileys Comfort

    Desert Cocktail Baileys ,Southern Comfort ,Bourbon and Ice – Cream

  • ETB85

    Strawberry Blonde

    Desert Cocktail Creme De Cocoa , Coke ,Grenadine and Cream

  • ETB125

    Cocky Russian

    Desert Cocktail Kahula ,Vodka, Cointreau & Ice-Cream

  • ETB75


    Desert Cocktail Creme De Menthol,Cream & Gin

  • ETB75


    Scotch Whisky with Amaretto Liquor on the rocks

  • ETB75

    Bloody Mary

    Vodka , Tomato Juice and Spices

  • ETB78


    Bourbon and Sweet Vermouth with a dash of Campari

  • ETB78


    Gin,Campari and Sweet Vermouth

  • ETB70

    Campari Cocktail

    Gin and Campari- Bitter and Sweet Experience

  • ETB75

    Tequilla Sunrise

    Tequilla Granadine and Orange Juice

  • ETB75


    Dry White Wine with Dark Rum 30 ml each

  • ETB65


    Dry White Wine with 7 UP

  • ETB95

    Rusty Nail

    Scotch and Drambule

  • ETB105


    Baileys and Cointreau on the Rocks

  • ETB175


    Kaluha, Baileys and Grand Mariner on the rocks

  • ETB65


    Gin and Dry Vermouth

  • ETB100


    Tequilla,Cointreau with a salted Rim

  • ETB105

    Side Car

    Aperitif contains Cognac ,Cointreau and Lemon Juice

  • ETB125

    Between the Sheets

    Aperitif contains Cognac,Contreau &Lemon Juice

  • ETB135

    Long Island Iced Tea

    Hard Drink – One is Enough- Rum-Vodka- Contreau Tequilla


  • ETB68

    Jelly Bean

    This is a cool Liquid treat for Soft Drinkers- Ouzo Base Drink

  • ETB75

    Black Russian

    Wonderful for After Dinner Vodka and Kahlua Cocktail

  • ETB78

    B & B-Brandy and Benedictine

  • ETB110

    Sex on the Beach

    Orange,Pineapple,Cranberry, Melon.Peach