• ETB85

    Mixed Green Salad

    Seasonal vegetables with olive oil & vinegar dressing

  • ETB205

    Nile Perch Fried Fish

    Boneless Darne of Freshly Caught Nile Perch- Indian style fried fish

  • ETB140

    Tilapia Fried Fish

    Local Ethiopian Fish- Indian Style fried fish

  • ETB160

    Non-Veg Crispy

    Special Sweet and Sour Chicken Snack with Sesame seeds

  • ETB150

    Chicken Lollypop

    Spicy chicken wings deep fried in red spices

  • ETB135

    Chicken Pakoda

    Boneless chicken pieces coated with gram batter

  • ETB160

    Chicken 65 Dry

    Chicken Fritters in Sweet& Sour Red Dry Sauce

  • ETB75

    Mutton Samosa- 2pcs

    Crisped Turnovers stuffed with minced lamb

  • ETB65

    Aloo Tikki

    Deep Fried Potato Cakes , 4 pcs

  • ETB90

    Hara Bhara Kebab

    Deep Fried Mixed Vegetable Cakes, 4pcs

  • ETB150

    Dry Cauliflower Manchurian or Dry Mushroom Manchurian

  • ETB135

    Dry Veg Manchurian

  • ETB155

    Paneer or Tofu Chilly Dry

    Cottage cheese or Tofu in Chilly Dry Preparation

  • ETB105

    Tofu Crispy

    Tofu prepared in special sweet and sour sauce

  • ETB135

    Vegetable Crispy

    Special Sweet and Sour Delicacy with Sesame Seeds

  • ETB135

    Paneer pakoda or Tofu pakoda

    Fritters Stuffed with Cottage Cheese or Tofu

  • ETB90

    Onion Bhajia

    Deep fried onion scrambled fritters, Mumbais favourite snacks

  • ETB80


    Assorted or seperate fritters with potatoes or onions

  • ETB125

    Chinese bhel

    Traditional Indian Spicy snacks made with Chinese fried noodles

  • ETB55

    Vegetable Samosa

    Crisp Turnovers stuffed with spicy potatoes and peas

  • ETB25

    Masala Papad Fried /Roasted

    Crispy Spiced Lentil Wafer W/Spicy Onion Dressing

  • ETB20

    Plain Roasted Papad

    Crispy Spiced Roasted Lentils Wafer