Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • ETB65

    Sherley Temple

    7 Up with Grenadine and lime juice on the rocks

  • ETB30

    Ouzo made from aniseed and herbs

  • ETB105

    Tomato Soup

    Indian Style tomato Soup

  • ETB95/ETB105

    Jet Soup

    • Veg - ETB95
    • Non- Veg - ETB105

    Spinach Base Soup-Cot.Cheese in Veg or Non-Veg

  • ETB425

    Farm Tandoori Murg- Chicken BBQ

    Full Barbecue Chicken Marinated in Red Spices

  • ETB85

    Mixed Green Salad

    Seasonal vegetables with olive oil & vinegar dressing

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