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Do You Sell Beef or Pork

Taking into considerations the  sensitivities of majority of  Ethiopians and Indians, We do not sell neither Beef or Pork, We sell lamb meat as an alternative to beef. Other than Lamb meat we also sell Chicken, variety of  Fishes like Nile Perch , Tilapia, Prawns, egg dishes etc. We stock both types of  meat Halal and Christian Meat, for your specific requirements contact our food manager

Halal and Christian Meat

We have both types of meat Halal for Muslims and Christian Meat For Christians Kindly contact our Food manager for your specific Requirements.

Do you server liquor?

Yes we serve a wide variety of Beers, Spirits, Wines & Cocktails

Do you serve Vegetarian dishes?

Yes, our selection of Vegetarian dishes is as extensive as the Non-Veg dishes.

Are you able to host parties?

Yes, we are able to host parties with pre-selected menu for upto 200  guests in our restaurant and we can take outdoor catering party orders for upto 500 guest.

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