Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • ETB65/ETB68

    Red Label- Johnnie Walker

    • 25ml - ETB65
    • 50ml - ETB68
  • ETB115

    Palak Rice

    Rice cooked in Spinach

  • ETB30

    Ouzo made from aniseed and herbs

  • ETB115

    Masala Dosa or Butter Masala Dosa

    Paper thin crisp pan fried crepe made from lentils and rice  rolled over  and stuffed with spiced potatoes

  • ETB80

    Mint & Ambo

    45 ml non- alcoholic mint or ambo or 0.5 lt water

  • ETB 105

    Kashmiri Kesari Pulao

    Saffron Flavoured Basmati Rice with Fruits

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