Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • ETB205

    Vegetarian Thali

    Two Vegetable Dishes of the day, Lentils, Dahee, Rice , Two Rotis or two Chapatis or 3 small puris or One Naan and Desert of the day

  • ETB78


    Bourbon and Sweet Vermouth with a dash of Campari

  • ETB25/ETB48

    Romanov Vodka

    • 25 ml - ETB25
    • 50 ml - ETB48
  • ETB100

    Mysore Sada Dosa

    Mysore Style Crisp Pan fried Crepe made from lentils and rice

  • ETB160

    Chicken Biryani

    Saffron flavoured basmati rice with spiced chicken

  • ETB95

    Chat Papri

    Crips topped with veggies and dressed in tossed yoghurt & Tamarind sauce

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